Sip Parties Venues in Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

A New Twist on Your Guest Experience

As a manager in the food and beverage space, you are challenged every day to bring something new to the table. Whether you’re looking to build your clientele or delight and surprise your regulars, the SIP Parties experience offers a unique twist.

Book an Event

Work with your SIP Parties consultant to pick the best date and time for you and your guests.

Be Our Guest

Sit back while we take care of entertaining during your private on-site painting event. You provide the space and we offer detailed painting instruction from an acclaimed artist in a “showmanship” style performance with lively humor and audience interaction. Everyone will have a good time.

Promote Your Event

We handle the marketing, however, we do suggest making mention of your event via social media channels, website and email blasts. Use your complimentary SIP kit to promote the event to your staff and client base.

  • SIP posters
  • Check presenter inserts/handouts
  • A set of SIP promo coasters

Guest Reservations

All guests can make reservations and prepay online (using the secure and safe services of PayPal). A SIP Parties reservation is a $45/person value, however, all provided posters and handouts contain a promotional code that guests can use to receive a $20 discount upon checkout. (Our promo codes have unlimited use.)

Venue Sign Up

Painting parties are a great way to get patrons into your bar or restaurant. We have industry experience and love working with new partners.

Sip Parties Venues

Cooper's Hawk
Home House of Music
JP's Pizza & Grill
Mitchell's Bar & Grill
Next Round bar & Grill
Overtime Bar & Grill
Riverside Pizza & Pub
Tapalda a Mexican Restaurant
Tap House Grill
Uno Chicago Grill

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we supply?

We provide all the necessary art supplies.

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Canvases
  • Tabletop easels
  • Aprons
  • Table coverings

What should you supply?

All we ask you to provide is adequate table space, chairs and service staff. A visually separate area that is sound controlled is preferable but not always necessary.

What size group can you expect?

We typically limit the reservation count to 35 people per event, however, this number can be adjusted based on both capacity and preference.

What is our minimum guest count?

Some events may not sell due to circumstances beyond our control. We would like to honor our commitment if at all possible. In doing so, we will host events with a minimum guest count of six.

How do we build a relationship with each host venue?

Our goal is to build a strong working relationship with every host venue. We want to work with you to structure a consistent hosting schedule in which we can develop a solid reputation amongst both your clientele and ours.

How often should we host?

We recommend starting on a monthly schedule, though this can escalate to biweekly or even weekly as our collaborative reputation grows.

What are the benefits of being a host venue?

  • Developing new clientele while wowing your regular crowd
  • Putting butts in seats on otherwise slower days
  • Boosting your food and beverage sales
  • Gaining a competitive advantage over other local establishments with no cost to you

Isn’t paining a messy ordeal?

We use acrylic paint which is water soluble and nontoxic. It can easily be wiped off any smooth surface and may come out of fabric surfaces if attended to promptly. We respect your property as if it was our own. Our artists are trained to handle and clean up any mishaps that may take place during the course of an event.

Looking Ahead

Unlike other paint party companies, we want to build a team-based relationship, combining our talents with yours to create more than just ordinary, old paint nights. The SIP Parties experience isn’t about booking a back room; it’s about building a relationship.

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