Share Some Love With Wine and Paint

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and couples are frantically trying to find unique date ideas. Have you been together for decades? Or for just a few days? Either way, SIP Parties offers an experience sure to make this one of your favorite date nights!

You don’t have to travel to realize the relaxation of a weekend getaway. SIP Parties hosts paint parties in bars and restaurants throughout Chicagoland. We offer a fun, relaxing environment where you can try something new with an old flame, or share easy conversation with a fresh face (thanks to a glass of wine!).

SIP Parties offers a variety of couples painting options, where the paintings you create hang side-by-side to form a finished masterpiece. We also offer unique media projects, where paintings are completed on pallets or wine glasses, or include chalkboard paint. Choose your class based on the painting you want to create, and our acclaimed artists will walk you through the process while you sip wine and spend time with your favorite person. Our instructors offer detailed painting direction in a “showmanship” style, with humor and audience participation.

Now is the perfect time to combine your love for your significant other with your love for the arts and love for wine!

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