Paint Party Like a Rock Star

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve probably heard of paint parties—they’ve become extremely popular, and with good reason. Our lives are so busy, we’re desperate for a fun, relaxing way to decompress. SIP Parties provides exactly that! Whether you’re an experienced paint partier or a novice, here are ten things you need to know to paint party like a rock star!

  1. Age doesn’t matter. People of all ages are welcome at SIP Parties, although most attendees are old enough to drink a couple glasses of wine.
  2. You don’t have to be an artist. Our instructors provide simple lessons, so you don’t have to worry about complicated directions. Even if you walk in knowing nothing about art, you’ll leave with a meaningful painting.
  3. You might just learn something. Without the pressure of being graded and critiqued, you’ll be surprised how much you learn in “class.”
  4. The cocktails are top-notch. We partner with bars and restaurants throughout Chicagoland that provide delicious drinks.
  5. Celebrate the good times. Life is full of reasons to celebrate, and we want to celebrate with you. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your best friend, a shower or bachelorette party for a blushing bride-to-be, or welcoming a new bundle of joy, the SIP Parties experience offers a unique twist on your celebration.
  6. The party can come to you. SIP Parties will host private parties, corporate events, teambuilding seminars, and fundraisers on-site at a location of your choosing. Your guests will go home with a fun memento and great memories.
  7. Everything is provided, even the cleanup. From aprons and easels to canvas and paint, SIP Parties provides everything you need to create a masterpiece.
  8. Every party is a PARTY. Come prepared to enjoy yourself! The environment is lively, fun, and relaxed. We offer detailed painting instruction from an acclaimed artist in a “showmanship” style performance with entertaining humor and audience interaction. Paint parties are as much fun as they seem.
  9. Drink. Paint. Laugh. Beware that paint parties can be addicting. But, every class paints a different image, so come as often as you like!
  10. Meet new people or bring your own. Paint parties are a great place to meet new people. They’re also perfect for spending time with friends and family. Whether you come alone or bring your groupies, SIP Parties will help you party like a rock star!

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